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Clearwater Jazz Holiday Foundation stands against racism and supports a culture of equality, diversity and inclusivity. We are inspired by the world coming together in peaceful protest for change. Like many organizations, this has us looking inward - talking and reflecting, and planning actions to be a better platform for positive change.

Jazz is an art form created by Black people and is the major cultural contribution America has given to the world. This music was created at a time when the Black community was celebrating its newfound freedom while lamenting the imposition of Jim Crow laws and practices.

Throughout its history, Jazz has represented the spirit of freedom and equality and opposed the dehumanization of Black people. Black musicians have often led the charge for change with this music and also in word, deed, and financing. Songs such as Strange Fruit, Haitian Fight Song, The Country Preacher, To Be Young Gifted and Black, The Fables of Faubus, Freedom Jazz Dance, Amandla, Tutu, and I Can’t Breathe are inspired by the resistance to racial violence, the trauma of racial injustice, and a celebration of Black life and achievement.

We look to our mission and pledge that our practices, the experiences we create, and our community outreach will continue to foster a culture of love, inclusion, access and a celebration of diversity. In doing so, we evaluate actions we can take to strengthen our impact.

We are an organization with a tradition of music at its core. Music is important now more than ever. Music brings many benefits. It comforts, heals, bridges, and inspires. Music opens our imaginations, increases cultural understanding, educates about traditions, and has the power to create that one-of-a-kind unique shared experience.

We will continue to stand strong in our efforts to cultivate a culture of equality, diversity, and inclusivity in all aspects of our work.

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